Environmental Initiative of the Year Award

The CMC Environmental Initiative of the Year Award honours Canadian cooperative and/or mutual organizations that have made a significant contribution, through a project or the implementation of new practices, to reducing their environmental footprint.


The following criteria will be considered:

  1. Innovation: The way in which the organization has developed, created and/or introduced a new product, service, approach, process, method, revolutionary idea to the cooperative and/or mutual movement that has reduced its environmental footprint.
  2. Impact: How the applicant organization’s innovation has achieved distinct, positive, and meaningful change within its environment
  3. Recognition: National or international recognition that the applicant organization has received for its work related to its environmental practice(s).


The recipient organization of the Environmental Initiative of the Year Award must be a member of CMC or a member of a CMC member.


A sponsor must submit an award nomination form outlining the contributions of the organization being nominated. The endorsement should relate to more than one of the criteria. Each nomination must be accompanied by a minimum of two (2) letters of support.

Award Nomination forms must be received by CMC by the deadline provided in the Call for Award Nominations (at least 120 days before the CMC event where the award will be presented). Please note that the deadline is subject to change. 

Last year’s nominations are automatically considered and can be updated or withdrawn by the sponsor or the nominee.


The Nominations and Awards Committee will review the award nominations for an organization receiving the CMC Environmental Initiative of the Year Award and make a recommendation to the Board. A recommendation will only be made when the Nominations and Awards Committee determines that the criteria for the Environmental Initiative of the Year Award have been met to the satisfaction of Committee.


The CMC Environmental Initiative of the Year Award will be presented at a CMC event. The sponsor will cover the cost for the recipient to attend the event where the award is announced. Where the sponsor is unable to cover the cost, CMC will help defray the cost within its budget.

Environmental Initiative of the Year Award

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Environmental initiative of the year award (EN)

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