Dear CMC Member,

Having surpassed the 100-day mark in my new role, I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and send a brief message to update you on our priorities.

In addressing the three pillars of our strategic plan – Advocacy, Development/Capacity-Building, and Communications/Branding, the CMC team is investing its time and energy on advancing the following:

  1. We are enhancing our approach to sector specific research to credibly raise awareness on the exceptional economic, social, and environmental impacts of our sector. Our first initiative is a study on our sector’s contribution to Canada’s GDP, to be released in the first calendar quarter of 2019. A media briefing kit and summary talking points, providing an overview of the methodology and findings, will be sent to all member organizations. We encourage you to disseminate this information in your communities and with your internal and external audiences.
  2. We are enhancing our operational model so that we can begin advocating for regulatory, policy and budget decisions by the federal government to enhance access to financial and programing resources in support of co-operative enterprises.
  3. We are reviewing our communications plan to ensure that we effectively communicate our advocacy messages, invite key audiences to support these positions, and begin the process of influencing the federal government to recognize us as a priority sector of the social and mainstream economies of Canada.

The months ahead will be exceptionally busy at CMC as we collaborate with our Members, our Board of Directors and Board Committees, to achieve measurable outcomes.

I look forward in the weeks and months ahead to have an opportunity to meet with you to learn more about your organization and its priorities.

Thank you kindly for having taken the time to read my message and for your on-going commitment to enhancing the capacity of our sector.

Kind regards,

André Beaudry
Executive Director