Manitoba has announced the launch of the second phase of its strategy of strengthening and development of co-operatives on May 12. The announcement was made by Minister of Housing and Community Development, Mohinder Saran.

The Manitoba government has partnered with the Manitoba co-operative sector to create jobs and provide a wide range of products and services across the province. “Co-operatives are one of the best ways to start and operate a business in an area that interests you,” said Minister Saran. “Together with the Manitoba Co-operative Association (MCA) and Conseil de développement économique des municipalités bilingues du Manitoba (CDEM), we will build on the success of the first phase of this strategy for the next 10 years.”

More than 400 co-operatives are active in almost all sectors of the Manitoba economy. In 2013 the province recorded the highest growth in the number worker co-ops in Canada.