Whether you are already a member of a co-operative, thinking of starting a co-op or just considering a co-op as one of several options, CMC can direct you to the information you need to make sound decisions and move forward.

We provide access to co-op development information for anyone who wants to start a new co-op or expand/enhance an existing one.

From how to incorporate, to where you can find funding, you'll find guides and resources at tools.coop. 

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How to start a co-op

A co-operative is a distinct form of enterprise that is both a business and an association of people. The success of a new co-op depends on how well these facets of the enterprise are established at the beginning. A co-op can be more challenging to set up than other types of enterprises, but once established co-ops thrive in the marketplace and tend to be more stable than other business models.

Check out the 10 steps to forming a co-operative.

Where to find more resources

Lessons learned from co-op developers in Canada and around the world have helped create basic road maps to success. No single guide can answer all your questions, but we have gathered the best information and tools that exist in Canada and other countries.

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada maintains an online documentation centre for co-op development called tools.coop. A wide range of tools and services are available in an easy to search and find format.

Looking for information or assistance with co-op development? Email dev@canada.coop

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