Former director of Central 1 and Credit Union Central of Canada, Scott Kennedy, received a Distinguished Service Award at the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) global conference in Denver on July 13. This award is presented to individuals who have shown great contributions to further the credit union movement outside of their own countries

Mr. Kennedy has had a rich career as an administrator of credit unions since 1984. He was a director at CUMIS Group, WOCCU, Concentra and Central 1 as well as chairman of the board of Credit Union Central of Ontario and Vice -president of the Board of Credit Union Central of Canada. His participation in credit union coaching programs in Malawi, Ghana and Colombia with the Canadian Co-operative Association was also honoured.

In his acceptance speech Mr. Kennedy called on the leaders of the financial co-operative sector to reinvent themselves to maintain a relevant role and have a greater reach in communities while remaining faithful to their founding principles.

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