The World Co-operative Monitor is it a crucial tool which used to raise the profile of co-operatives to policy-makers and industry professionals. It also provides an essential starting point for researchers and academics.

The 2015 edition reports a 6.9% increase in the figures for the world’s 300 largest co-operative and mutual businesses. These figures are based on the 2013 results, the fourth year in a row of consistent growth – years in which the financial collapse and global recession still dominated. The co-operative model of business is not present on the world’s stock markets and is often invisible to the economic journalists and political leaders. This is why the Co-operative Monitor is a valuable tool that demonstrates the importance of the co-operative model.

The 2016 survey is being expanded to include a review of co-operative capital, examining the financial structure of co-operatives.

The findings from this years survey will be presented during the International Summit in Quebec this year.

Please enter your co-operative’s details for the 2016 edition of the Monitor. Federations and co-operative members are asked to encourage their co-operatives to complete the survey.