Young Co-operator of the year Award

The CMC Young Co-operator of the Year Award honors individuals of 35 years of age or less who have contributed outstanding efforts to the cause and the development of co‐operative and/or mutual enterprises. This award provides recognition to an individual who has contributed in especially significant ways to promoting, developing or uniting co‐operatives and/or mutuals in Canada and/or internationally.


The following criteria will be considered:

  1. Leadership: The personal commitment and vision to the Canadian co‐operative and mutual sector. How the nominee inspired and persuaded others to act to advance the co‐operative and/or mutual movement. If the nominee did not hold a position or office in the co‐operative and/or mutual movement, how the nominee demonstrated these same qualities to advance the co‐operative and mutual form of enterprise, for example through a volunteer or committee member role.
  2. Achievement: The method by which the nominee achieved significant changes in promoting, developing and uniting co‐operatives and/or mutuals.
  3. Recognition: The national and/or international recognition that the nominee received for his/her work relating to co‐operatives and/or mutuals.


A sponsor must submit an award nomination form outlining the contributions of the nominee. The endorsement should relate to more than one of the criteria. Each nomination must be accompanied by a minimum of two (2) letters of support.

Nomination forms must be received by CMC by the deadline provided in the Call for Nominations (at least 120 days before the CMC event where the award will be presented.) Please note that the deadline is subject to change. 

Last year’s nominations are automatically considered and can be updated or withdrawn by the sponsor or the nominee.


The Nominations and Awards Committee will review nominations for a recipient of the CMC Youth Co-operator of the Year Award and make a recommendation to the Board. A recommendation will only be made when the Committee deems that the criteria for this special recognition have been met to the satisfaction of the Committee.


The CMC Young Co-operator of the Year Award will be presented at a CMC event. The sponsor will contribute to the cost of having the award recipient attend the CMC event at which the award is announced. Where the sponsor is unable to contribute to the costs of attendance, CMC will contribute towards the costs where budgets permit.

Young Co-operator of the Year Award

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*The nominated individual must be between 18 years old and 35 years old. 

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