Rules for the “Your cooperative at the forefront of climate action” contest on social medias

Goals of the contest

  • Encourage our community to share their environmental initiatives, whatever their size.
  • Exchange with our community and highlight its efforts in terms of climate action.
  • Share our community’s best practices in terms of climate action.

How to participate

To enter, people must post a photo of a photo of one of their co-operative’s climate action initiatives in the comment of a pinned post on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook or submit their photo via the following email: vboucher@canada.coop.  Each participant. can submit only one photo, must provide the name of their co-perative and explain the initiative shown in the photo. 
A winning co-operative will be drawn at random. The winning co-op will be contacted in the same way they submitted their photo, either via a social media platform or by email. Submissions must be posted or sent between October 3 and October 23, 2022. 
All residents of Canada, including those of the province of Quebec can participate in this contest. No purchase is required. 
If you have any questions regarding this contest, please contact Véronique Boucher, Communications Manager at vboucher@canada.coop.