March has come and gone with the blink of an eye. I watch the snow melt as spring finally begins to show itself, bringing a fresh landscape to 2023. A new season is upon us, and I can already feel the buzz and excitement of the upcoming months. Spring is usually filled with conferences, meetings, and a renewed sense of energy in our steps—this year is no different.

We began this season with some incredible news: I am very excited to announce that we have a new member joining CMC! Co-operative Superannuation Society (CSS), which has now joined us as a regular member, is a democratically controlled, non-profit pension society that serves as trustee and administrator of the CSS Pension Plan. Pioneered in Saskatchewan in 1939, the CSS Pension Plan is one of the oldest and largest defined contribution pension plans in Canada. They have grown to serve over 300 employers and 50,000 current and past co-operative and credit union employees across eight provinces and territories.​ Please join me in welcoming them to the CMC family!

Throughout March, we began to narrow our focus on the Congress happening in Ottawa from June 12 to 14, 2023. Our content working group has been coming up with captivating topics and events, getting us all very excited for June. Although it is only two months away, we invite everyone to secure their spots for Congress now. I also encourage you to book your hotel room as soon as possible as spots are filling up quickly.

Lastly, as mentioned above, spring typically sets the stage for AGM and conference season. Should you or your organization have an event you wish to promote, highlight, or discuss with CMC, we encourage you to share this information with us. Please send all event information to info@canada.coop and our team will be happy to coordinate with you.

I think you’ll find this edition of the newsletter pretty thrilling, filled with some excellent news and wonderful announcements. I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter and I look forward to entering this new season together.