Who we are & what we do

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) is a member-driven association that supports, promotes and unites co-operative and mutual organisations. CMC strives to advance the co-operative economy by organizing co-op development, advocating with government and conducting research to improve public policy. CMC serves as a common table for co-operatives and mutuals in Canada.

CMC Strategic Plan Overview

Our work is never done in isolation. Our strength comes from working together through the diversity of CMC’s membership. By working together we can develop and create an association whose work and collective reflection of its membership will ultimately build a better Canada.

The CMC Strategic directions 2017-2020. [Download the Strategic Plan Overview PDF]

Why CMC matters

By furthering co-operatives and mutuals, CMC works to improve the lives of Canadians. Consider health care co-ops, Aboriginal co-ops, agricultural co-ops, funeral co-ops and co-ops in low-income communities – these and many others enable people to set up services they need, to access education, shelter, and a better standard of living.

Network of networks

CMC collaborates with a network of provincial co-operative associations and sector federations to work towards common goals. We facilitate communications between the sectors and across the country. We also provide representation for Canadian co-ops to the International Co-operative Alliance.

All of our work, like all of our members’ work, is grounded in a common set of principles.