Karen’s career has been focused on governance, strategy, business management, and sustainability within co-operatives, non-profits, for-profit organizations, and government. She is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), certified director (ICD.D - Institute of Corporate Directors; ACCUD - credit union system (Canada)), and Adjunct Professor teaching on co-operative enterprises at Saint Mary’s University.

Since 2012, Karen has held the position of Managing Director of the International Centre for Co-operative Management at Saint Mary’s University – working with co-operative and credit union professionals from around the world. Her work has given her the opportunity teach about co-operative innovation, lead an International Symposium on Governance (2013), co-write an International State of Co-operative Business Education report (2014), co-edit a global governance report for the International Co-operative Alliance (2015), be part of the UN Expert Group Meeting on the role of co-operatives in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (2016), and work on a four year international co-operative governance project (in partnership with KU Leuven University, Belgium) through 2023.

Karen has a history of being engaged in the national co-operative movement. For example, she joined the Board of Mountain Equipment Co-op (2006 to 2012), served on the Board of the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) from 2010 to 2013, and has been elected to the Board of Credit Union Atlantic since 2014.

Karen lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, is married to Dan. and has two children (Isabel and Luke).