Maggie Miland is the Business Development and Engagement Lead at Realize Strategies Co-operative and the BC Co-operative Association. Her greatest strengths are in understanding issues in the purpose-driven sector from a systemic lens and empowering those affected to take actionable steps towards a solution. Maggie’s work with the BC Co-operative Association has led her to co-create and run community asset-mapping workshops amongst youth to encourage them to explore the co-operative sector as a viable career path. She is currently a mentor to a post-secondary student through the BC Co-operative Association’s Mentorship Program and supported her mentee in becoming a Youth Delegate at the Global Alliance for Banking on Values Summit hosted by Vancity.

Through her skills as a graphic recorder and facilitator, Maggie has visualized strategic directions for youth refugee support networks, the B Corp community, youth understanding of the co-operative model, and support services in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Maggie’s degree in International Relations, coupled with her passion for the co-operative model, drives her belief that stronger communities are created by facilitating the leadership development of current and future young co-operators.