After fifteen years working in the co-operative sector, Sylvie has long been aware of the enormous potential of co-operation as a tool for the development of human beings, businesses and communities.

Over the years, her professional and dynamic approach has led her to work on the development of several social economy enterprises, more specifically in the co-operative world. She is mainly specialized in the management and development of co-operatives, community life and governance.

She holds a graduate degree in Management of Co-operative and Community Development from IRECUS (Université de Sherbrooke). She held various positions as head of development of social economy enterprises before working for nearly 9 years as director of development in a technical resource group in the field of community housing. Passionate about the development of co-operatives, she always makes a point of sharing her knowledge. For 5 years, in West Africa and during various missions abroad, she trained co-operative managers in order to support local promoters in their collective projects.

Actively involved for many years in the co-operative movement, Sylvie has been a director of the Conseil québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité as a youth representative and president of the Alliance des jeunes coopérateurs et mutualistes du Québec. She has also served on the Youth Committee of the Canadian co-operative movement. It is through these experiences that she realized how diverse and deeply rooted in their communities co-operatives and mutuals are in Canada.

She currently holds the position of Director of Services at the Co-operative Resource and Expertise Consortium. As such, she is in daily contact with co-operators and mutualists and, above all, is well aware of the issues they face.