Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada is proud to recognize and honour the outstanding leadership of co-operatives, mutuals, and their change agents who are engaged and devoted. We provide three distinctive awards that highlight these inspiring organizations and resources within the Canadian co-operative movement.

Co-operative of the Year Award

The Co-operative of the Year Award honours Canadian co-operative and mutual organizations that have made significant contributions to the innovation and recognition of co-operatives and mutuals in Canada and/or internationally. 2020 Recipients

2020 Recipients

Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec (FCNQ)
[Large co-operative]

Art Burke Housing Co-Op Inc.
[Small co-operative]

Emerging Co-operator Award

The Emerging Co-operator Award honours an individual of 35 years of age or less who has made a significant contribution to the promotion, development, and synergy of co-operatives and mutuals in Canada and/or internationally.

2020 Recipient

2020 Recipient

Jason Rivest

Achievement Award

The Achievement Award honours women and men who have made outstanding efforts to the cause and the development of co-operative and mutual businesses.

2020 Recipient

2020 Recipient

Serge Riendeau


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