50th Anniversary Celebration of Canadian Arctic Producers (CAP)

23 Sep 2015 | Archives

Today, Canadian Arctic Producers (CAP), the marketing arm of Arctic Co-operatives Limited (Arctic Co-ops) will be hosting its 50th Anniversary Celebration at the CAP Showroom in Mississauga, Ontario.  Invited guests will have an opportunity to view the unique array of Inuit Artwork.

In 1965, Canadian Arctic Producers (CAP) was incorporated as a limited company by 12 producer Co-operatives and the Government of Canada to market Inuit arts and crafts. As a division of Arctic Co-operatives Limited, CAP and its retail division, Northern Images, is owned and operated by Member Co-operatives in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon.

CAP mainly promotes stone sculptures. Each sculpture is unique, created by hand and almost exclusively from locally quarried stone. The community of origin of an artwork is easily identifiable, simply by the type and appearance of the stone.

Themes used by carvers range from animals and other characters which are a part of Arctic life, to folklore themes such as shamanism and spirits. Although some artists of today use power tools to assist them in creating beautiful sculptures, many artists work entirely with hand tools including chisels, saws and files. Carvings range from crudely carved features with rough surfaces, to highly polished and brightly colored images!

Other art forms include wall hangings, jewellery, hand puppets, moccasins, slippers, and miscellaneous ornamental items made from local resources sold through its gallery network.

CAP works with clients to create shows and exhibitions, promoting Inuit art in their communities. These exhibitions and the network of dedicated Inuit art galleries are largely responsible for making Inuit art recognized throughout the world today.

This is a proud day for the friends and supporters of Inuit and Dene art, and also for the entire Co-op System in the Arctic.  Co-operatives in the Arctic share a universal vision of people working together to improve their overall well-being. This vision is pursued through a range of activities focused on the values of concern for community, fairness, equality, self-responsibility and mutual self-help, providing ordinary people with a voice, as well as opportunities to impact community advantage and prosperity.

Canadian Arctic Producers is Inuit owned and all the benefits derived from the sales of Art created by our member artists, is returned to Co-op members throughout the Canadian Arctic.

Access to our inventory of Inuit Artwork and related additional information, please visit our CAP and Northern Images websites:





For more information, contact:

Debra Jones

Vice President, Art Marketing

Arctic Co-operatives Limited

(204) 697-2243 ext 315


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