Bill Lyall appointed to the order of Nunavut

22 Sep 2015 | Archives

Arctic Co-operatives Limited is pleased to announce William (Bill) Lyall, Director on the Board of Arctic Co-operatives Limited and Arctic Co-operative Development Fund has been appointed to the Order of Nunavut.

The Order of Nunavut Act was passed by the Legislative Assembly in December of 2009 and came into force on January 1, 2010. The objective of the Order is to honour individuals who have provided an outstanding contribution to the cultural, social or economic well-being of Nunavut. It is the highest honour of Nunavut and takes precedence over all other orders, decorations or medals conferred by the Government of Nunavut.

Since the late 1960s, Bill Lyall has contributed outstanding efforts to the cause of the co-operative development in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. His personal commitment to preserving the vision of the early Co-op leaders is an inspiration to everyone involved with the Co-op System.

Bill began his journey with the Co-op Movement in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut when he became an active member of Ikaluktutiak Co-op in the early 1970s. Under his leadership, this Co-op, now in its 54th year of successful operations, has expanded from a fishery Co-op harvesting Arctic Char, to a multi-purpose, community-owned and controlled business, with assets which have grown from $300,000 in 1975 to $8.1 million in 2015.

In 1979, Bill was elected to the Board of Directors of Canadian Arctic Producers Co-operative Limited, known today as Arctic Co-operatives Limited. He was the founding President of this federation, and as a Director on the Board, provides leadership to 32 Member Co-operatives across the Arctic. The annual revenue of this aboriginal-controlled federation exceeded $182 million in 2014.

Bill was also the driving force in the incorporation of the financial arm of the Arctic Co-op System, Arctic Co-operative Development Fund (ACDF). Established in 1986, ACDF has provided $633 million in financing to local Co-ops in the Arctic.

Co-op businesses today employ more than 1,000 people and are one of the largest private sector employers of Aboriginal people in the Arctic. Co-ops in the Arctic fulfill a vital role, making way for future generations of Inuit, Dené and Metis to actively participate in social and economic advancement within their own communities.

Arctic Co-operatives Limited (Arctic Co-ops) and the 32 Member Co-ops across the Arctic congratulate Bill Lyall on his achievements, with gratitude, for his lifelong commitment to advancing the lives and livelihood of Nunavummiut and ensuring a brighter future for the youth in Arctic communities.


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