CoopZone Training Program Announces New Course Director

14 May 2015 | Archives

CoopZone, a national network of co-operative developers which offers a distance training program on co-op development, has announced the selection of Eric Tusz-King (Master of Adult Education) as its new Course Director.  Eric will fill the vacancy created by Peter Hough’s upcoming retirement.  

“We are very pleased to announce this appointment,” reported Jill Kelly, CoopZone Board Chair.  “Eric will bring leadership and creativity to the CoopZone’s training programs and a deep commitment to co-op development and to adult education.”

Eric’s resume includes nearly 40 years of management, development and education in the co-operative and non-profit sectors, with the latter focused within the United Church of Canada.  He has a Master’s degree in Adult Education from St. Frances Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and a Master’s degree in Theological Studies (Diaconal Ministry) from St. Stephen’s College, University of Alberta, Edmonton.  Eric has served as an Animator, National Division of World Outreach (coordinator of the Division’s international education and action programme), for the United Church of Canada, Toronto, and as Economic Animator and Coordinator of Social Ministries, Maritime Conference, United Church of Canada, Sackville, NB – encouraging and enabling people to make positive changes in their local economy, working toward security and justice.  He has been the Manager of EnerGreen Builders Worker Co-op in Sackville, NB, and has worked on contract as a co-op developer for the Co-operative Enterprise Council of NB.  He is currently a worker-owner at the Aster Group Environmental Services Co-operative in Sackville, and serves as vice-president and Atlantic director on the Board of Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation, treasurer for Sackville United Church, and a Board member on EOS Eco-Energy.  He has completed most of the CoopZone Advanced Training Program, and has since that time been involved in evaluations of the CoopZone Program. 

“I look forward to serving as the Course Director for CoopZone. The framework that I often find serves best to meet a community concern is the co-operative model,” remarks Eric.  “This model integrates social, economic, and environmental goals, respecting the values of both people and the natural environment.  My style of facilitating a workshop, or a course is based upon respect, with the belief that each person has something to contribute to their own care, the care of the community, or the care of nature. My role is to help those gifts to be identified, lifted up, and developed as needed.”

CoopZone’s distance Training Program is offered each academic year in different levels, from Introductory, through Foundations and two levels of Advanced.  Those with interest in the Program can read about the Program here:  http://coopzone.coop/Courses.  There will be one-hour information webinars held at noon Eastern Time on each of May 26, June 24 & (TBC) July 15.

For more information:  Hazel Corcoran, CoopZone Executive Director

hazel@canadianworker.coop ; 403-276-8250

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