CQCM launches a strategic plan to create 20,000 jobs by 2020

30 Mar 2015 | Archives

As part of the days activities, the Annual General Meeting allowed the past Chair of CQCM Monique Leroux to present their new Strategic Plan (French only) for the co-operative and mutualist networks in Quebec. The Plan sets out their objectives which include a target of 20,000 jobs created in the sector by 2020 and ways of improving collaboration between co-operatives and mutuals in Quebec in order to get there. If the Plan’s objectives are achieved, the sector revenues of Quebec would increase from $33.4 to $45.2 billion.

CQCM member delegates exchanged updates about their own projects that relate to the Strategic Plan  during a discussion forum in the afternoon. Several speakers emphasized the need to work in partnership with other co-ops and mutual members to reach these goals.

At lunch time, the Minister of Economy, Innovation and Exports of Quebec, Jacques Daoust, gave a speech in which he said that the partnership agreement between the Government of Quebec and CQCM was to be renewed. This announcement received a very enthusiastic response from the members.
Also speaking to the gathered members was Dame Pauline Green, President of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA). She stressed the importance of the current role of the co-operative movement worldwide and touted the international role of Québec co-operatives in particular.

In the afternoon there was a panel discussion in conjunction with the launch of a new book titled “Conversations with Co-operators” authored by Monique Leroux. The book is a series of reflections by people who have spent their professional careers expanding the co-operative movement in Quebec and beyond. Included in this entertaining panel discussion were CMC Board members Serge Riendeau (Agropur) and Denis Richard (Coop Fédérée).

The day culminated in a gala event during which  awards were presented and some tributes were offered to key contributors in Quebec.

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