Research Assistant for Cooperative Gaming for Youth in Ontario (Ontario)

Location/Period: Toronto

Project: Early Researcher Award. Funded by the Early Researcher Award (ERA), Ontario government

Supervisor: Dr. Caroline Shenaz Hossein, University of Toronto Scarborough/DISE, charge ERA and CRC cost centers

Hours: Roughly 10 hours per week; 145 hours from October to April ending

Objective: To design, refine and test a prototype game on the solidarity economy for young people.

  1. Initializing the work=5h
  • Meetings, test game with PI=3h
  • Pitching the game=1h
  • Set up Drop Box for this RA position, do any finance paper work=1h
  1. Refine and test prototype of game based on Hossein’s social economy lectures =100h
  • Address design issues, play testing period. Make a poster for the game. Modules must include: social economy actors, NPOs, cooperatives, ROSCAs, fair trade associations, community based organizations CBOs, social enterprises=30h
  • Develop a list of schools and set-up events to test the game with Grades7+ in 4-5 schools (2h sessions) for the school year, by April. Lead all of the logistics, including pizza for students at the 4-5 schools, ideally public school system anywhere in Ontario. Take photos=45h
  • Present at UTSC on the social economy for education (Dec 1st)=5h
  • Admin: collective receipts, and submit to finance for reimbursement
  • Write a summary on the game=20h

iii. Revise and finalize game for production=40h

  • Address issues. Trouble-shoot and finalize the game.
  • Revisions required based on PI’s input
  • Present the game at cooperative organizations and other social economy organizations with the PI.
  • Poster must acknowledge the support from ERA, DISE Collective and that body of work.


  • Ideally an advanced PhD student in Ontario, preferably in the Faculty of Education. Student should be an enrolled university student in Ontario.
  • Familiarity with the Black Social Economy and cooperative literature.
  • Past experience teaching high school-aged students.
  • Ideally experienced working with teachers in curriculum development and implementation.
  • Work well with all kinds of people
  • Research interest in the solidarity economy, development, and co-operatives
  • Extremely organized, excellent time-management and goal-oriented; able to work independently
  • Strong writing skills and pays attention to details. Excellent time management
  • Personable and able to accept critiques
  • Adhere to Public Health rules


The RA will be supervised by the PI, Dr. Caroline Hossein, paid under the ERA. The rate of pay will be $30-35 per hour depending on relevant experience. The professor will determine the rate of pay with input from the finance unit.

Pay is subject to completion of work on a monthly basis, must complete financial forms. Paid as a casual employee, on a monthly basis. Student must do the paperwork and check in with finance before every pay cycle.

Supervision and hiring

The RA will be supervised by Prof. Caroline Hossein. This RAship is confidential and the material funded by this grant cannot be shared or any of it used without the express permission of the professor. This intellectual work is based on the lectures and research of the professor and applicants should be familiar with it.

Application submission details:

  • Application deadline: 20th August 2022
  • Work to start in October
  • Email application to Prof. Caroline Shenaz Hossein, UTSC at caroline.hossein@utoronto.ca
  • Subheading must say: RA Cooperative Gaming for Youth
  • In one PDF file attach the following: write a thoughtful one-page cover letter to the 2 professors, 2-3 page CV, writing sample (less than 20 pages), unofficial transcript, and a list of two academic references vouching for student’s attention to detail and work ethic, complete with email and phone number. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered.