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9 Apr 2015 | Archives

The 2015 Coop Youth Leadership camp will be held in Clear Lake later this month. Senior staff volunteer Manon Timshel says the camp was devised to help youth in Manitoba learn about coops in their communities and the advantages of member-run businesses. She notes the young people who attend will also learn how they can affect change in their communities as well as have a lot of fun meeting new people from all over the province. Timshel says she was a camper back in grade eleven and had such a good time she wanted to return as a volunteer. She notes one of the greatest benefits for her was connecting with other youth, adding they do seminars on diversity and values so hearing opinions from people she might never otherwise have met was an eye-opening experience.

Timshel says while there is a registration fee, sponsors underwrite those fees so the camp can be free for every kid who attends. She notes they encourage youth to try to find their own sponsor if possible, adding they can walk into any coop in their town and ask about sponsorship. Timshel says every coop, credit union and high school in Manitoba has information about the leadership camp and potential campers can also contact the Manitoba Cooperative Association on line at youth@manitoba.coop. She notes registration can be done on-line and must be completed by April 20th. This year’s session at Camp Wannacumbac runs from April 30th to May 3rd, with registration open to youth ages 15 to 18. Transportation to the camp is not included, but carpools will be leaving from Winnipeg and a Greyhound bus schedule is available.

Timshel says everyone who’s gone to this camp has a great time, noting it’s run by youth for youth. She adds because this is a leadership camp, they’re looking for a lot of diversity, so if you’re active in your church, if you volunteer, if you’re a sports captain, or if you run the chess club, this is a wonderful chance to expand your skills.

Written by Sasha Kalis on Thursday, 09 April 2015

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