Board of Directors

Co-operative and Mutuals Canada is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of 15 members.

As a national organization, it is important for CMC that everyone has a seat at the table. 

A social entrepreneur and organizational builder, John Kay has over two decades of experience building and growing successful organizations that combine purpose and profitability.
Long involved in the cooperative movement, Karen Miner has focused her career on governance, strategy, business management and sustainability.
Stéphane Forget has been Senior Vice-president Public Affairs, Cooperation and Corporate responsibility at Sollio Groupe Coopératif since 2019.

Stéphane Forget

Sollio Co-operative Group

A second-generation agricultural producer and farm owner in southern Alberta, James Bettcher is passionate about agriculture and the co-op community.

James (Jim) Bettcher

Board Member
United farmers of Alberta
co-operative limited

Very involved in the cooperative movement, Pascal had the opportunity to participate in the creation of many cooperatives, mainly in the agricultural and agri-food sector.

Pascal Billard

Board Member

Former Executive Director of the Agency for Co-operative Housing, Alexandra Wilson has spent more than 45 years developing and providing services to non-profit housing co-operatives in Canada.

Alexandra Wilson

Board Member

Director General of the Cooperation Council of Ontario, Julien Geremie supports various cooperatives and social enterprises.

Julien Geremie

Board Member
Cooperation Council of Ontario

Mary is the Corporate Secretary and Vice President of the Corporate Services Division of Arctic Co-operatives Limited, the service federation of 33 co-operatives in the Arctic.

Mary Nirlungayuk

Board Member
Arctic Co-operatives Limited

Erin Morgan has many attributes and strengths in team leadership, collaboration, government relations, strategic planning, people management and cooperation.

Erin Morgan

Board Member
Ontario co-operative association

Robert Grimsrud is a Director and Vice-Chair of the Board of Federated Co-operatives Limited, in addition to being a lawyer and a farmer. Robert has been in leadership roles in cooperatives for over 30 years.

Robert Grimsrud

Board Member
Federated Co-operatives Limited

Reba Plummer is a co-op champion and cycling enthusiast living in Toronto. Over the past two decades as co-CEO of Urban cyclists' cooperative, Reba has worked hard to create good governance practices in her own cooperative.

Reba Plummer

Board Member
Canadian Worker Co-op Federation

Timothy Ross is Director of Strategic Affairs at the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada. He has been actively involved in affordable housing and homelessness issues.
Director of Desjardins Group since 2016, he makes a specific contribution to the Board regarding the reality of the financial services market in Ontario.

Stéphane Trottier

Board Member
Mouvement Desjardins

Owner of a family dairy farm and co-owner of a wild blueberry farm, Jeannie van Dyk is deeply involved in the agricultural community.

Jeannie van Dyk

Board Member
Agropur Dairy Co-operative

Iva Jankovic works, studies and conducts research on cooperatives. Cooperatives are, for them, an essential part of a sustainable, fair and participatory future.

Iva Jankovic

Board Member
BC Co-op Association