Co-operatives have unique development tools and because the co-operative business model is a major differentiating feature, it deserves to be integrated in the brand identity strategies. And one way to promote the co-operative difference is by using a strong identity tool: the .COOP domain name extension!

In fact, to build an efficient and coherent identity, it’s important to consider every element that helps recognize and create a strong anchoring point for the audience. Therefore, using the domain name extension is crucial, especially for the co-operative movement. Thanks to the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) who created it and once an eligibility check has been done, the .COOP domain is accessible to all legally incorporated co-operatives, organizations, research groups, associations, and other initiatives operating within the co-operative and mutualist sector.

Using this common identifying feature also solidifies the links within the co-operative movement and strengthens the co-operative model position in all business sectors. Furthermore, this small change gives a clear and meaningful message. It can have a strong positive impact on people’s perspective who recognize its significance and can help showcase the co-op model for those who should learn to recognize it. It can represent trustworthiness and economic advantages for communities, as well as create the desire for discovery and loyalty.

To join thousands of co-operative businesses and associations from around the world just like Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) who are using the .COOP domain, check out the co-operative identity website.