The Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund (CCIF) took another step toward realization in April. The publishing of a formal business case which details the concept and operations of the fund now sets the stage for expanding partnerships and incorporation in 2015.

The Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund is a response to a critical challenge facing co-operatives and mutuals: access to capital that does not compromise member control.

The Fund will also work in partnership with other investors, like the federal government and other funds across the country, to support co-operatives and mutuals financing needs.

The business case will be presented prospective investors in the financial co-operative and mutual sectors in Canada. The fund will develop partnerships with credit unions and caisses populaires investors who will then offer CCIF loans – as a complement to their own – to their co-operative and mutual clients.

The Business Case details how the Fund will operate efficiently in order to provide an appropriate return for investors. It also provides an in depth look at the governance model, financial model and implementation timeline for the CCIF. For detailed information on the Fund, please download the Business Case.