central part of CMC’s strategic plan calls for a new approach to engagement with Delegates that can foster a year round dialogue. As a national association, there is a need for on-going dialogue and debate on the diversity of topics that affect our members.

The CMC Board of Directors stressed this need at their recent meeting and provided direction on the topics they are seeking Delegates input on.  The subjects to be discussed are action-oriented and aim to support the future direction of CMC and the Canadian movement, such as:  how CMC can support the goals of the International Co-operative Alliance Blueprint for a co-operative decade; CMC’s response to federal regulations on demutualization expected to be tabled in October; the scope and objectives of the planned database of co-operatives and mutuals in Canada and the relationship this requires with Industry Canada.

Delegates will use this opportunity to learn about fellow CMC members and they will also receive an update from Industry Canada on the status of recommendations made by the Special Committee on Co-operatives in 2012.

The delegate meeting is very important to CMC achieving its objectives in 2014.  A special call is being made to all members to ensure they involve their delegates at this crucial time.  We look forward to sharing this innovative engagement opportunity with our members.

For more information on this meeting, please conact Tanya Gracie, Manager of Member Engagement.