CMC is very pleased to welcome Kiswendsida Ouedraogo, Coordinator, Advocacy and Partnerships, to its team. 

Kiswendsida has a bachelor’s degree in International Development and Globalization as well as a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Ottawa. She has just over 3 years of teaching and management experience in the fields of political science and international development. During her master’s degree, she wrote a dissertation under the theme “The fight against terrorism: the logics and policies that are applied in Burkina Faso”. During her bachelor’s degree in international development and globalization, with her team, she had the opportunity to design a viable development project that should make it possible to fight against food insecurity. 

In her everyday life, she is passionate about cooking and her motto is to always keep smiling. 

She can be reached at kouedraogo@canada.coop