This year’s co-op week celebrations are happening right before an important federal election. First and foremost we want to encourage everyone to vote. Being democratic enterprises we value our voice and our vote and work to share that appreciation with others.  This is the week to share that message within your networks and help us build awareness about co-operative development policies with candidates.

The theme for co-op week 2015 is “OUR CO-OP ADVANTAGE” and we are asking for your participation by sharing your favorite aspects of co-op membership via social media. We will collect every tweet, Facebook or Instagram post using the hashtag #coops2015. Let’s find out what our favorite advantages are, as well as the most unique!

The new Co-op Week identity for 2015 incorporates the International Co-operative Alliance marque. This ICA logo is an ethical marque that distinguishes co-ops from other types of businesses. It is a symbol of our commitment to or values and principles. We are presently 3rd in the world with 140 co-ops registered to use this free logo. We are making it a priority to campaign on getting new registrations in Canada to see if we can take over top spot in the world by October 17, please help us achieve this goal!

Please contact CMC so that we can issue mini press releases for each co-op that adopts the international identity.

Download the official poster (PDF with trim lines)

Download the official poster without the trim lines

Download the logo to add to your own products (EPS)

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