1. Explanation and overview

This privacy policy explains how Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) handles the collection, storage, and usage of co-operative survey data. We’ve strived to present this policy in clear, plain language.

CMC, on behalf of the Canadian co-operative sector, has developed a national database of Canadian co-operatives. This data will be used to promote and contribute to the development of co-operatives economy through: advocacy, communications, engagement, networking, and education.

CMC is the steward of the data and responsible for its future use.

2. The reason the data is collected

  • To maintain a national inventory of co-operatives and mutuals.
  • To promote and contribute to the awareness of the co-operative economy in Canada.
  • To co-ordinate surveying and data gathering and reduce multiple surveys.

3. How the data is collected

Co-operatives and mutuals to be surveyed will be identified based on geography, demographics, business activity or other criteria.

Researchers acting on behalf of CMC will send a secure and unique link to co-operatives and mutuals via email. The link permits a co-operative to answer questions through a secure form to update information CMC’s database. The link expires after seven days.

Researchers acting on behalf of CMC will primarily contact co-operatives and mutuals via e-mail. However, if no e-mail address is publicly available, CMC’s researchers may use alternative  methods including social media, postal mail or telephone with a request to complete the online survey or to gather the survey data directly.

Any data gathered by researchers will be input into the database on behalf of the co-operative.

The survey technology uses cookies and stores the ISP address of respondents.

4. Who at CMC has access to the data

  • CMC staff will have access to the data.
  • CMC staff may record, edit and update information, and use the data for analysis and reporting.
  • All authorized users have unique login credentials and all changes to the database are logged.

5. Affiliation with Third Parties

From time-to-time CMC may partner with third parties such as co-op sector federations, associations, government bodies, surveying organizations, academics or researchers to undertake co-op surveys, create reports or analyze data.

All partnerships with CMC are subject to a memorandum of understanding and other contracts that include data sharing, confidentiality, and use-of-data agreements.

Third parties will not have direct access to the database.

6. Release and Use of Publicly Available Data

Most of the data is already in the public domain, such as co-operative name, incorporation date, the primary area of business activity, and contact information (e.g. address, city, phone, email, website).

Publicly available data that is not linked to confidential data could appear in a directory, map or report.

Co-operatives cannot opt-out of CMC’s publication of data reasonably deemed to be in the public domain.

7. Release and Use of Confidential Data

Data may be used by CMC or its partners for advocacy, education, public policy development or further research and analysis.

The information collected is not personal in nature.

CMC or its survey partners will not rent or sell confidential or sensitive data.

8. Opting Out

CMC adheres to all privacy and anti-spam legislation including CASL and federal privacy legislation including PIPEDA, and will only contact co-operatives and mutuals in its database for purposes related to data gathering and reporting while respecting their right to opt out.

Respondents may choose to opt out of receiving communication about surveys administered by CMC.

Once opted out, co-operatives may opt back into surveys administered by CMC by agreeing in writing to be included in survey communications.

9. Changes to our Privacy Policy

CMC may update this privacy policy from time to time and will publish updates on our website canada.coop/en/data-research-privacy-policy-framework/.

10. Where the data is stored

The data will reside in the CMC database, which is a hosted SQL platform called CiviCRM.

CMC has data hosting agreements with the database developer, which include industry standard backup and data security. The database developer is located in Quebec.

CMC maintains data in its servers in Ontario.

11. Respondent confirmation

By submitting information to CMC, the co-operative agrees to the CMC framework and privacy terms shown above.

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