The 3rd International Summit of Cooperatives 2016

The International Summit of Cooperatives is a biennial gathering where leaders of cooperative and mutualist enterprises get together to discuss their concerns about the current and future business challenges they all share.

The 2016 International Summit of Cooperatives, being held Octber 11-13, 2016, will welcome international experts to share with participants their vision, knowledge, and perspective on challenges and future prospects facing cooperative and mutual enterprises.

The Second edition of the Summit hosted 3,000 participants from 93 countries. They attended presentations, took part in round tables, and benefited from the results of groundbreaking, world-class studies conducted specifically for the Summit.

The 2nd Summit explored five themes:

  • Developing cooperative and mutual enterprises
  • Economics, financing, and capitalization
  • Employment
  • Food security
  • Health and social care services

Read a special report from the Globe and Mail on the Summit themes.

This commitment by so many experts to attend the Summit is proof positive that tthis is a must-attend event, both for cooperative and mutual leaders and their counterparts from the political and socioeconomic spheres.









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News Releases

The cooperative model promises solutions for equitable access to health care

Twenty-five world-class studies to make their grand début at the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives

Jeffrey Sachs, Dr. Rüdiger Krech, David K. Foot, and Dr. Andrew Crane just a few of the notable attendees


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