Call for Proposals: 2024 ACE Institute – Cultivating Co-operation

ACE Institute: Cultivating Co-operation – June 24-27, 2024, in Bismarck, ND

Call for Proposals: There’s still time to submit your proposal before the March 31 deadline!

The theme of the 73rd annual ACE Institute is “Cultivating Co-operation,” asking essential questions about the nature of cooperation and how to cultivate the conditions under which co-operation flourishes.

We are broadly interested in the question of cultivating co-operation in all its dimensions. This includes how co-op education programs are designed to cultivate new co-operators; how co-op leaders are developed; how public policy can help cultivate co-operation (instead of conflict) that reflects the power our diverse communities have when we work together in equity and solidarity; and how cooperative solutions can strengthen communities in an accessible way. For more information on proposals and the Institute, visit: 2024 ACE INSTITUTE – Association of Cooperative Educators.

Early Bird Tickets on sale now:  Immerse yourself in co-operative education excellence at the 73rd Annual ACE Institute in Bismarck, ND June 24-27. This year’s Institute offers a unique opportunity to explore new dimensions of cooperative excellence, drawing inspiration from the values and successes that have shaped this region for generations and continue to thrive.


Jun 24 - 27 2024


08:00 - 18:00
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