Co-operative and Mutuals Canada (CMC)’s Mandate

  1. Promoting the co-operative model in Canada,
  2. Creating an environment conducive to the co-operative development,
  3. Providing strategic thinking about the future of the co-operative movement,
  4. Implementing the strategic plan,
  5. Promoting inter-cooperation and business networking,
  6. Representing the co-operative movement in Canada,
  7. Contributing to training, research, and leadership development,
  8. Representing the Canadian co-operative movement to the International Co‑operative Alliance,
  9. Encouraging dialogue among stakeholders of the international co-operative development,
  10. Promoting the international co-operative development and strengthen the structure that hosts the international development of the Canadian Co‑operative Association (CCA).

CMC’s Guiding Principles

  1. Being a member-driven and member-serving organization,
  2. Respecting the historical traditions on which the movement was built,
  3. Providing bilingual services to the two official linguistic communities,
  4. Promoting an inclusive approach,
  5. Considering the potential of each organization and all members,
  6. Recognizing the unique value and qualities of each organization,
  7. Recognizing the strength and relevance of co-operative principles as an engine for economic development in Francophone minority communities,
  8. Adopting a system that considers regional specificities, as well as the unique needs and situations of individual members (large and small),
  9. Delegating authority and responsibility to the most efficient and competent level,
  10. Ensuring equity in governance, funding, and representation.


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