Procedures for submitting resolutions

The 9th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) will be held on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) invites members to submit resolutions on subjects of national interest and that fall within CMC’s mandate.

Co-operative and Mutuals Canada (CMC)’s Mandate :

  1. Promoting the co-operative model in Canada,
  2. Creating an environment conducive to the co-operative development,
  3. Providing strategic thinking about the future of the co-operative movement,
  4. Implementing the strategic plan,
  5. Promoting inter-cooperation and business networking,
  6. Representing the co-operative movement in Canada,
  7. Contributing to training, research, and leadership development,
  8. Representing the Canadian co-operative movement to the International Co‑operative Alliance,
  9. Encouraging dialogue among stakeholders of the international co-operative development,
  10. Promoting the international co-operative development and strengthen the structure that hosts the international development of the Canadian Co‑operative Association (CCA).
Resolutions should be a maximum of 300 words. Background information, such as a briefing note or background document, should be submitted with the resolution. When a resolution is not self-explanatory or when the background information is not attached, CMC staff may return a resolution to the member with a request for additional information or clarification. Background information should be clear in concise. (Ex: one page document or executive summary) Resolutions must be received by the appropriate deadline for consideration at CMC’s Annual General Meeting. In exceptional circumstances, following the resolutions deadline, members may submit “Emergency Resolutions” to address a new and pressing issues which could have a negative impact on the co-operative sector. 
  • To qualify as “new”, the issue at hand must have emerged between the deadline to submit resolutions and the date of the AGM. The issue must not be covered by existing policies or resolutions submitted to the AGM.
  • To qualify as “pressing”, the issue must be urgent in nature and require immediate attention.
  • Negative impact” is defined as an issue that could affect the sector’s reputation and/or financial stability.
Key dates
Call for resolutions is sent December 16, 2021
Deadline to submit resolutions February 16, 2022
Governance and Resolutions Committee receives resolutions March 29, 2022
Resolutions are approved by the Board of Directors April 6, 2022
Resolutions are circulated to members April 27, 2022
Annual General Meeting June 16, 2022
The resolutions process gives members the opportunity to directly influence the direction of CMC’s public policy and advocacy work, as well as the organization itself. Resolutions must be submitted to Jason Rivest at jrivest@canada.coop.

CMC’s Resolutions Checklist:

  1. Does the resolution focus on an issue that is the direct concern of the co-operative or mutual sector?
  2. Does the language of the resolution have a national focus? 
  3. Does the operative clause state a specific action for CMC to take? (i.e., “Resolved, That CMC urge/endorse/petition/write…”)
  4. Does the resolution fit within CMC’s mandate?
  5. Does the submission include background information, which explains the rationale for the resolution?
  6. Does the submission include proof of endorsement by the member’s Board of Directors?
  7. Is the resolution in the proper format? (See CMC’s resolutions template or see a sample resolution from last year)
  8. Is the resolution 300 words or less?
  9. Is the resolution written in plain and accessible language?
  10. Is it ready to submit electronically to jrivest@canada.coop?


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