Co-operatives and mutuals that received financing from the IRP

Many Canadian co-ops and mutuals had the chance to receive financing from the Investment Readiness Program (IRP). 

Consult the list down below to learn more about the co-operative enterprises that received financing from the IRP.

You can also download the list of the co-op that received funding from IRP 2.0. 

Co-operatives and Mutuals that received financing from the IRP

You will find down below the list of the co-operative enterprises that received financing from the Investment Readiness Program (IRP). Click on the different funders to learn more about the co-ops that received the IRP financing through them. 

Chantier de l’économie sociale - IRP 2.0

Amount funded: 68 312 $ 

Project: Collective takeover of a farm – Preparation for the buyout of productive assets.

Amount funded: $ 95 920

Project: Feasibility of upgrading and expanding the building in order to modernize it and increase the services offered.

  • Right-of-way (Capitale-Nationale, Québec) 

Amount funded: $ 100 000

Project: Pilot project to map, plant, and requalify the territory of Quebec City’s Lower Town, leading to the creation of a social utility trust for the acquisition and development of underutilized urban spaces. 

  • Réseau COOP (Montréal)

Amount funded: $ 137 600

Projet: Steps aimed at equipping worker buyers with skills development tools by integrating a post-takeover support service into the Network’s service offering.

  • Ikajurtigiit solidarity coop (Northern Quebec)

Amount funded:  $ 152 000

Projec: First exploratory phase to inform the population of Nunavik about community housing, assess the housing needs of Nunavimmiut and formulate a proposal for a northern housing solution adapted to the real needs of the inhabitants.

Fondations communautaires du Canada - PPI 2.0

  • Coopérative économique multiculturelle Diamond (Ontario)  

Amount funded: $ 25 000 

Project: Diamond Farms. Our SPO specializes in growing certified organic African tropical vegetables. The project we are applying for will allow us to grow tropical vegetables including Amaranthus Hybridus, Celosia Argentea, Corchorus Oletorius, hay, permanent grassland, Telfaria Occidentalis”.

  • Fourth Pig Worker Co-op (Ontario)  

Amount funded : $ 71 500

Project: EcoAffordable : Financing ecoaffordable housing through community impact investing. Our SPO creates buildings that are good for people and the planet. The project we are applying for will create affordable, permanent, environmentally sustainable, community-supported housing.

  • Technologies and Beyond Inc. (Alberta) 

Amount funded: $ 74 825

Project: Expand the From Lab 2 Fulfillment (FL2F) program. Our SPO, FL2F, teaches women in STEM and health fields to commercialize their research/discoveries and seeks to expand its solutions to other markets in Canada through an IRP project.

  • Gamma Space Collaborative Studio (Ontario)  

Amount funded: $ 25 000

Project: Gamma Space Community Game Publishing. Our SPO recruits and engages founders of underrepresented game studios, focusing on their leadership in game development pipelines, structures and systems. The project we are applying for will build publishing and distribution capacity in a fair and equitable manner.

  • Coopérative agricole de Thetis Island (British Columbia)  

Amount funded: $ 22 675

Project: Helping the farmers, helping the community. The project we are applying for will provide accessible and nutritious meals to seniors and at-risk community members, while reducing food waste.

  • Brave Technology Coop (British Columbia)  

Amount funded: $ 67 800

Project: Ready-to-use documentation and product development. Brave prevents overdose deaths. The project we are applying for will ensure that our impact, strategy and finances are instantly clear, available and appealing.

  • Marché coopératif de Cowichan Valley (British Columbia)  

Amount funded: $ 25 000

Project: Investing in Cowichan: Creating a self-sustaining food system for our community. This project will establish a business plan to increase local delivery capacity, with marketing empowered to connect with community members who share the vision of a cooperative food distribution service to benefit our local food system.

  • Coopérative de pêche River Select (British Columbia) 

Amount funded: $ 75 000

Project: Preparing to invest in the expansion of Authentic Indigenous Seafood in Canada Our fisheries cooperative is helping Aboriginal fisheries develop in the value chain and this project prepares us to invest in expanding their participation in our common “Authentic Indigenous Seafood” brand across Canada.

  • Yellowknife Glass Recyclers Ltd. (Northwest Territories)  

Amount funded: $ 24 700

Project: Old Town Glassworks Stabilization and Expansion Project. The Old Town Glassworks Stabilization and Expansion Project proposes to create a conscious and sustainable northern model for responsibly living the 4 R’s in a profitable, fun and cooperative way.

  • Coopérative dénergie verte de Bow Valley (Alberta)  

Amount funded: $ 39 250

Project: Reassessing community generation in an altered economic climate. Our OPS is working to transform Alberta’s energy market. This project will accelerate our ability to secure adequate project financing, streamline our internal processes, and support BVGEC’s long-term viability and the implementation of our mission.

  • Coopérative de services communautaires Groundwork (British Columbia)

Amount funded : 14 000 $

Project : Rolling Hills Facility. Our SPO conducts community service projects. The project we are applying for will alleviate conditions of poverty and promote the advancement of education.  

  • Association des agents de changement pour lautonomisation économique (British Columbia)  

Amount funded: $ 25 000 

Project: Salt River Wellness: Áasgaay ýaat’áayg hl dúu (invite people). Salt River Wellness provides community safety through access to facilities and housing. We want to consolidate our business plan and get support to create a strong and sustainable wellness cooperative.

  • Moving Forward Co-operative Ltd. (New Brunswick)  

Amount funded: $ 25 000

Project: Station8 Community Food Centre. This project will build on our success as a social enterprise by establishing an innovative and sustainable community food center to address gaps in our local food systems and increase food security in our community.  

  • Coopérative dinvestissement en énergie solaire dEdmonton (Alberta)  

Amount funded: $ 69 525

Project: Sustainable Learning: Launch of the Solar Investment. Our SDA promotes a just energy transition. The project we are applying for will enhance the lessons learned from our first fundraising, refine our sustainability, mature our market approach, and give us a better understanding of our risk exposure.

Canadian’s Women’s Foundation - IRP 2.0

  • St. James Town Community Co-Op And Central Neighbourhood House (Ontario) 

Amount funded: $ 73 640

Project: OASIS Food Hub social enterprise: The St. James Town Community Co-op’s primary focus is sustainable food security and climate change resilience. Working with the Central Neighbourhood House, the St. James Town Community Co-op’s OASIS (Organic Agro-ecological Sustainable Integrated System) Food Hub, a women-led, community food system model for marginalized communities. The OASIS Food Hub model was designed primarily by BIPOC women by and for the neighbourhood of St. James Town in Toronto. Their objectives include improving health and food security for diverse women and families in low-income communities; growing affordable, nutritious, local food year-round; creating sustainable job and enterprise opportunities for women and their families; providing community education to cultivate skills for women in climate-resilient food production and waste diversion.

  • Home Care Workers’ Cooperative And Gateway Centre Of Excellence In Rural Health (Ontario) 

Amount funded: $ 72 050

Project: Home Care Co-operative Development: Women Social Entrepreneurs in the Care Sector. The Home Care Workers’ Cooperative (HCWC) operates in the social wellness sector providing in-home care services for Ontario’s elder population. The HCWC is made up of personal support workers, disability support workers, and daycare providers, the majority of whom are women, many of whom are newcomers. HCWC, in coordination with the Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health, will provide educational tools, mentoring, back-office supports, and networking to empower care sector workers and create equitable working environments. The project plans to provide business services to women care workers through a Care Cooperative Incubator, where services include business and marketing plans, payroll management, invoicing, scheduling, and human resource services. Their project will support women entrepreneurs to provide care for their communities in a non-exploitative working environment in addition to building awareness of inequality in the sector. 

  • Cooperative Unime And Projet 10 / Project 10 (Québec) 

Amount funded:  $ 74 970

Project: “Buy One, Give One” – Increasing and diversifying our reach and impact 

Project10, a service provider and advocacy organization for 2SLGBTQI+ youth, and Coop Unime, a non-profit cooperative focused on education, sexuality, and health, are collaborating to promote and expand Coop Unime’s six-month celebratory sex and relationship program through their app and interactive workshops, weekly resources, and supportive video calls. The project intends to take the “Buy One, Give One” (BOGO) approach with stakeholders to increase sales, expand their impact and diversify revenues for their programming, services, and training courses, while offering free participation to women, non-binary, and gender-queer people in underserved communities. 

  • SEED Winnipeg Inc. & Eadha Bakery Worker Co-operative (Winnipeg)

Amount funded: $72,625

Project: Scaling the Impact and Success of Eadha Co-op

The Eadha Co-op operates a bakery that works from a queer, anti-racist, decolonial lens, and collaborates with other businesses and groups engaged in this work. Eadha Bakery has been working with SEED Winnipeg to complete the bakery’s transition to a worker cooperative. This project aims to build the business through marketing and assistance from a Certified Co-op Developer to implement a business plan, optimize operations, develop a strategic plan, and access loans.

The Foundation for Black Communities - IRP 2.0

  • Coopérative agricole de Windsor

Amount funded: $ 24,500

Project: Strengthen agriculture and the consumption of local exotic products

  • Manitoba Women for Women of South Sudan

Amount funded: $ 24,000

Project: Women Co-operative for Peace and Development

    Community Foundations across Canada - Cycle 1 from IRP 1.0

    Amount funded: $ 70 000

    Project: Create an organization-wide sustainable impact performance management program that is data-driven, targeting corporate investment based on standardized Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics.

    Amount funded: $ 10 000

    Project: Prepare for the arrival of the Corporation de développement économique Communautaire Martin-J. Légère (CDECMJL) to give New Brunswickers the opportunity to invest their capital in their local economy.

    Amount funded: $ 10 000

    Project: Develop new branding, tourism concepts and revenue-generating activities, in anticipation of the construction of the Centre régional des générations de Caraquet.

    Amount funded: $ 30 000

    Project: Build capacity to operate a Community Economic Development (CED) Investment Fund, that will invest in social purpose ventures and small businesses that revitalize the community and build the local economy.

    Amount funded: $ 80 000

    Project: Refresh the business plan to diversify operations beyond First Nations river-caught salmon to First Nations seafood coast-wide, to expand the client base and grow the business.

    Amount funded: $ 100 000

    Project: Work with experts to enable the issuance of an Offering Statement and the marketing, sale, and management of a new series of Community Bonds.

    Amount funded: $ 15 000

    Project:Planning for the creation of a youth-lead social enterprise, by creating a business plan, doing amarket analysis as well as product and brand development.

    Amount funded: $ 30 000

    Project: Conduct business, product, and marketing development to scale the organization properly and strategically by accessing future social impact investments.

    Amount funded: $ 30 000

    Project:Conduct business planning, site selection, development of an investor package, and solicitationof investments for a new community-owned co-operative grocery store operating at scale in Vancouver.

    Amount funded: $ 25 500

    Project: Visit and conduct an environmental scan of the food system innovation landscape in order todetermine which organizational model would be appropriate for the First Nations Technical Institute (FNTI). For example: food incubator, food accelerator).

    • Olds Opportunity Development Cooperative (Olds, Alberta)

    Amount funded: $ 47 000

    Project: Design an impact investment model that links local capital and local opportunity in support ofthe sustainability goals created by citizens who reside in Olds and region.

    Amount funded: $ 80 000

    Project: Create a new national Fairtrade coffee, Cafe Femenino, to further its mission as a worker-owned co-op through Planet Bean, which is owned and operated by the co-op.

    Amount funded: $ 87 000

    Project: Conduct a comprehensive financial modelling, branding and impact exercise across all productsand services to ensure that positioning and presentation to customers and investors is perfectly aligned with its mission and values.

    Amount funded: $ 10 000

    Project : Develop an eventually operate a 40-unit community care home, which will assist seniors and adults challenged with activities of daily living.

    Amount funded:  $ 25 000

    Project: Map a business plan, build a website, establish metrics to measure the impact of its programs,and launch a simple line of social good products.

    Amount funded: $ 10 000

    Project: The Glassworks Cooperative is developing affordable, sustainable community housing for low-income seniors, students and families and community space for organizations, artists, local food producers and start-ups.

    • Démarrage d’une coopérative communautaire spécialisée en petite enfance (Shippagan, Lamèque and Miscou, Québec)

    Amount funded:25 000

    Project: Support the large community of Shippagan, Lamèque and Miscou in starting up a first community cooperative specializing in early childhood (daycare + training centre + research centre).

    Community Foundations across Canada - Cycle 2 from IRP 1.0

    Amount funded: $ 88 977

    Project: The project will consist of a comprehensive viability study on the creation of a replicable model of accessible and environmentally friendly housing; research on building design and costs, alternative land/mortgage/rent support models, investment opportunities, etc.

    Amount funded: $ 26 800

    Project: Our SPO provides sustainable employment opportunities for individuals with significant barriers; the project for which we are applying will increase these opportunities and expand the target groups at risk.

    Amount funded: $ 41 000

    Project: Hire a fundraising professional to develop a campaign to raise $2 million to reduce the cost of seniors to live in a proposed assisted living facility. Legal, architectural and project development consultants are in place.

    Amount funded: $ 40 000

    Project: Our service provider will create a regional food hub system – a vertically integrated agribusiness and beverage applied research site and social enterprise incubator focused on food sovereignty and climate change product development.

    Amount funded: $ 30 000

    Project: Our SPO is transforming the food system for the benefit of small farmers, workers and marginalized consumers, the project we are applying for will make our activities more impactful for all stakeholders.

    Amount funded: $ 40 000

    Project: MCFC works to support local communities through ecological forest management, our project will create supply chains for low value and underutilized wood products in rural southwest Nova Scotia.

    Amount funded: $ 30 000

    Project: Victory Gardens Co-op is seeking investment in business development, marketing and online operations to expand our socially-minded organization to a wider audience and increase our social impact.

    • Saskatchewan Co-operative Fisheries LTD (Meota, Saskatchewan) 

    Amount funded: $ 95 000

    Project: SCFL is an umbrella organization serving many of the northern Aboriginal member cooperatives in Saskatchewan’s commercial fishing industry. SCFL will restore inactive co-ops, improve lakefront facilities and attract a processing plant.

    Amount funded: $ 50 100

    Project: Our SPO addresses socio-economic inequalities between ethno-cultural communities, the project for which we are applying will update a feasibility study and develop a business plan for a culturally relevant bulk buying social enterprise.

    Amount funded: $ 45 143

    Project: To contract with Tapestry Capital to create materials to market Class A preferred stock to retail investors, and secured debentures to charitable foundations, and to provide access to its online platform.

    Amount funded: $ 29 275

    Project: Our SPO is creating a cooperative supply chain for sustainable local food, and the project we are applying for will help us secure larger supply contracts with the institutional food supply.

    Amount funded: $ 31 300

    Project: Our SPO provides freight solutions in urban areas. We are applying to expand our geographical area, with the use of micro-locations, offering a wider reach with greater efficiency and impact.

    Amount funded: $ 36 972

    Project: Our social organization, building healthier communities and a robust food economy, seeks funding to develop our regional agri-food sector, build capacity, market, educate, develop and encourage community wellness.

    Amount funded: $ 45 000

    Project: ELGB is maturing and looking to formalize its policies and procedures, conduct comprehensive financial assessments and complete strategic planning exercises in order to ensure continued sustainable growth.

    Amount funded: $ 12 000

    Project : Establish a governance framework, business and investment proposals to build and operate a co-op store, café and expand our food security programs in partnership with People for a Healthy Community (PHC).





    Chantier de l'économie sociale - Cycle 1 from the IRP 1.0

    Amount funded: $ 100 000

    Project: Creation of a new co-operative development model focused on business succession and the use of Quebec funds on a national scale.

    Amount funded: $ 80 000

    Project: Establishment of a strategic plan aimed at maximizing growth potential and opening international markets.

    Amount funded: $ 80 000

    Project: Conduct studies and engage professional services for the purpose of relaunching the Coopérative Mont St-Pierre, which is dedicated to establishing a unified strategy for the community that is both attractive to the younger generation and generates economic, social, and demographic benefits.

    Amount funded: $ 122 756 

    Project: Determine the potential of the two new business development projects (regional units and citizen participation), as well as CAPÉ’s orientations and l’Empreinte de la CAPÉ’s (mission, objectives, action plan, etc.). The intent is to have a better understanding of the above elements, to meet the needs of current and future members of the organization more broadly.

    Amount funded: $ 184 000

    Project: Undertake and finalize phase III of the project, that is, carry out all the preliminary steps required to start the pilot project for an ICI Co-op banner store.

    Amount funded: $ 100 000

    Project: Prepare the organization for a shift in its business model to be able to set up a leasingacquisition component of their geothermal systems.

    Amount funded: $ 95 740

    Project: Conduct a strategic planning process which will serve to provide the network with a clear and collective vision, then to identify a set of actions aimed at its overall development.

    Amount funded: $ 78 100

    Project: Prepare for the start of the co-operative’s activities dedicated to setting up adapted educational services, organizing internships, and offering referral and placement services to tourism businesses in the Côte-Nord region.

    Amount funded: 98 000 $

    Project: Carry out the preliminary pre-startup stages for the opening of the Petit Abattoir planned towards the end of 2020.

    Amount funded: 100 000 $

    Project: Confirm project costs and complete the required pre-startup steps.

    Amount funded: 100 000 $

    Project: Structure the needs in terms of aquaponic equipment develop a prototype system and perform the first market tests.

    Amount funded: $ 105 322

    Project: Gather information on the planning and organization processes of forestry activities from eight co-operatives in the sector, to target optimal configurations of forestry operations and better understand effective strategies for mobilizing members. 

    Amount funded: $ 67 600

    Project: Prepare the collective takeover of BIZZ co-op, for an opening around November 2020.

    Amount funded: $ 71 600

    Project: Upgrade the existing WebTV services and add the IT support, cloud services and integrated management software components.

    Amount funded: $ 20 000

    Project: Determine preliminary steps needed to access funding for the start-up of Bibli’Outils. 

    Amount funded:  16 800 $

    Project: Maintain the quality of the co-op’s services during its growth phase.

    Amount funded: $ 28 885

    Project: Validate the needs of the potential market for the agritourism component (events, workshops, and guided tours), to design and set up the relevant infrastructures.

    Amount funded: $ 21 020

    Project: Obtain architectural plans and specifications to specify the costs of outfitting the premises, which will be used to negotiate the funding.

    Amount funded: $ 96 000

    Project: Opening and operating of a second depot (pilot project) and carrying out of various studies.

    Amount funded: $ 74 000

    Project: Specify the parameters (products, equipment, development plans, investments, expected revenues and costs) of the Centre de conditionnement de cultures émergentes.

    Amount funded: $ 95 000

    Project: Develop a pilot project that consists of installing renewable and collective energy infrastructures in the streets of Montreal with the aim of reducing GHG emissions caused by heating buildings.

    Amount funded: $ 17 640

    Project: Stabilize the organizational structure to prepare for the expansion into new markets and the digitization of publications.

    Amount funded: $ 84 808

    Project: Market the new horticultural component and have a sufficiently strong value proposition to approach new supply markets and ultimately respond to public tenders.

    • Coop aubergiste ! (Longueuil, Québec)

    Amount funded: $ 100 000

    Project: Create a network of innkeepers in Quebec, structured under a distinctive name, promote the work of innkeepers through a promotional web series and develop an Innkeeper Academy, which will provide operational support and access to a skilled workforce for this network.

    Amount funded: $ 34 400

    Project: Prepare the cooperative to begin its new phase of growth, meaning increasing its production capacity by automating the bagging workshop.

    Amount funded: $ 31 728

    Project : Pre-start of an outdoor / adventure solidarity co-operative to structure the existing supply of tourist services in Témiscamingue.

    The National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association - IRP 1.0

    Amount funded: $ 119 000  

    Project: Improve investment readiness for participation in NACCA’s Indigenous Growth Fund (IGF) and with other social impact investors, to address anticipated capital short fall of $14M by 2022. Preparedness for a loan portfolio growth of $5M per year and building or enhancement of lending to member co-op facilities like hotels, gas stations, garages, and other capital projects.