On February 25, 2016 in Montreal, as part of the 94th annual general meeting of La Coop fédérée, the Board of Directors gathered to elect a new executive committee.

Ghislain Gervais was elected President replacing Denis Richard, who had held the position since 2003. Mr. Gervais is a poultry and crop producer from Saint-Guillaume and has sat on the Board of Directors since 2011, and has been First Vice-President since 2014.

Luc Forget was elected First Vice-President VP and Muriel Dubois Second Vice President. Mr. Gervais and Mr. Gaétan Desroches, CEO, wished a warm welcome to six new directors in total.

Denyse Guy, Executive Director offered CMC’s congratulations “Coop fédérée members have given Mr. Ghislain Gervais a mandate to lead this expanding, innovative, global agriculture and agri-food business, and we, at CMC, wish him huge success in his new role as President. We also extend our congratulations to Mr. Denis Richard for his contributions in that role since 2003. Mr. Richard plays a crucial role in the co-op movement in Quebec and Canada. As our current Vice-president, we are honoured by his commitment and dedication to co-operation.”

Mr. Richard contributed greatly to the Quebec and Canadian cooperative movement as President of the Quebec Council of cooperation and mutuality (CQCM) from 2007 to 2012. Denis Richard has served as vice president of Co-operatives and Mutual Canada since its founding in 2014.