Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) is pleased to announce that on behalf of its members, we are launching a 2.5-year study on the impacts of the COVID pandemic on non-financial and financial co-ops in Canada.

This study will be advanced by the above post-secondary consortia who were selected through a competitive process. This project will include provincial and territorial data, whenever possible.

Key data points covered will include:

  • Jobs and GDP impact reports for 2019 and 2020, providing us with a continuity of data from the national release of our 2018 Jobs/GDP Study at our Congress in Québec City,
  • A comparative overview of our sector’s response to previous historic economic/social periods of crisis,
  • A comparison between the impact of the pandemic on co-operatives versus other industry groups, and
  • A series of updates throughout the 2.5-year study period, providing members with a window on the impacts of the pandemic, and our sector’s resilience to its effects.

It is CMC’s intent to broadly disseminate the findings of this research project as data becomes available, to be followed by a final report, due in late 2022.

CMC would like to congratulate the academic institutions whose consortia was selected to carry out the research, namely the International Centre for Co-operative Management (ICCM) at Saint Mary’s University, the Institut de recherche et d’éducation pour les cooperatives et les mutuelles de l’Université de Sherbrooke (IRECUS), and the Shannon School of Business at Cape Breton University.

For more information about this project, or to share your co-operative’s COVID-19 story, please email: Iva.Jankovic@smu.ca.