Bardswick, Elgie and Miller: Provinces can lead in building a low-carbon economy - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Apr 14, 2015

Building a high performance, lower carbon economy is a critical economic opportunity and a vital environmental responsibility for Canada. Over the next two days, Canada’s premiers come together in Quebec City for an important Climate Summit meeting. As a diverse group of leaders from business, civil society and First Nations, we applaud the premiers’ initiative, and strongly support their efforts to advance pragmatic policies to help Canada seize this opportunity – building on momentum already underway across the country.

The world’s most advanced economic players are hard at work forging cleaner, more innovative economies, fuelled by a desire to compete in a changing global marketplace – one that offers tremendous opportunities for all parts of Canada’s economy. Clean technology companies can tap into a global market expected to exceed $2-trillion per year by 2020. Resource and manufacturing firms can gain competitive ground by reducing their environmental footprint and using energy and resources more efficiently.

Canadians also recognize a responsibility to future generations to help curb climate change. And we are starting to make progress. Canada’s emissions have been dropping, while our economy has been growing, since 2005. Across the country, initiatives by many different governments, businesses and communities have helped drive a shift to energy efficiency, conservation, renewables and cleaner power, and smarter transportation.

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