CMC is undertaking a national co-operative study

Jul 13, 2017


The data-gathering phase of the Co-op Impact study will be concluding very soon and we'd like to be sure that all Canadian co-operatives have had a chance to participate.

Please email Mark Ventry to obtain a secure link to the 2017 Impact Study questionnaire where you can view your co-op's existing contact information and contribute additional information. 

You may also email, fax or postal mail your annual report to Mark to participate in the study.


Throughout the summer of 2017, representatives from Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC) will contact co-operatives and mutual enterprises across Canada. You may receive an email or a request by phone from CMC to submit your Annual Report as part of our national study on the size, scope and economic impact of co-operatives in Canada. 

As the national association that advocates on behalf of co-operatives and mutuals, we encourage you to participate in the study and to send your most recent Annual Report to the CMC researchers.

This will be the first-ever sector-led national study of Canada’s co-operative and mutual movement. The study will provide data on employment, revenues, and even basic information like the number and types of co-operatives in each region.

By taking the time to email or mail your Annual Report to CMC, you’ll be providing CMC and its provincial partners with the tools we need to effectively advocate with municipal, provincial and national policy makers.

Your information will remain strictly confidential and is protected by CMC’s privacy policies. Data will only be released and reported in aggregated and in anonymous formats that protect the privacy and industry intelligence of Canadian co-operative and mutual enterprises.

To learn more about the national co-operative study, please contact Mark Ventry, the project manager at You may also email your Annual Report directly to Mark.