The Globe and Mail Special Insert on Co-operatives

Feb 3, 2016
The Globe and Mail Special Insert on Co-operatives

Dear Co-operators,
Over the last few years The Globe and Mail has been producing special features with in depth articles about the co-operative sector in Canada. Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada works with the special features editorial team to identify subjects of interest where we need to build public awareness about co-operative ideas.
This year there will be two special features prepared, the first will be published on May 17th and the second on October 5th. Attached you will find a draft list of editorial topics for both features. We will continue to work with and refine the focus in conjunction with The Globe and Mail team. The feature will be circulated nationally to The Globe and Mail's million plus print readers and close to 4 million online readers at
To support the development, publishing and distribution of this editorial content, we seek your support and input. The Globe and Mail will be offering print, digital and social media opportunities commensurate with the size and scope of each insert. These inserts are a wonderful method of showing your co-operative identity and helping to build public understanding about co-operation.
This year, in October, we will be gathering in Quebec City at the International Summit of Co-operatives to discuss many of the same topics. We are hopeful that the momentum in the lead up to the Summit will be a real opportunity to build public awareness in Canada and a chance to grab the attention of policy makers at all levels of government.

Please note that the deadline for committing to participate is April 5th 2016. Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada have worked out special rates for our members of up to 20% off the print, digital and social packages available.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to raise awareness about co-operative ideas. Please let me know if you have any questions, alternatively, feel free to contact Richard Deacon at The Globe directly at

Please review the upcoming editions and review past issues on the PDF.

In Co-operation
Brendan Denovan
Communications Manager
Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada