A Silent Transformation Raises $7,800 on Indigogo

Dec 3, 2014

The filmmakers, Powerline Films have been promoting their documentary trailer and requesting financial support for the project from co-ops and co-operators in Canada. Although they had hoped to raise $50,000 from the  Indigogo campaign, the effort proved to be an important outreach as they made contact with hundreds of co-operative enterprises and co-op associations across Canada.

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada has agreed to a strategic partnership with Powerline Films to work toward  a final product that is reflective of the Canadian co-operative movement. We continue to help arrange interviews and look for sources of funding needed to produce a project that is both national and has the depth to describe the co-op models success in many economic sectors.

The Co-operators have generously contributed $5,000 to the project which will be held in reserve as we proceed to look for additional sponsors.

The project seeks to demystify co-operatives and broaden the audience for co-operation to those who are seeking ethical consumer and business alternatives. Powerline Films is now seeking funding opportunities with  documentary broadcasters as part of the funding for the project.

A Silent Transformation - Long Trailer - French Subtitles from Powerline Films on Vimeo.

Richard Wilkinson - Interview Clip from Powerline Films on Vimeo.

Chris Dobrzanski, Chief Economist, Vancity - Interview Clip from Powerline Films on Vimeo.

Robert J Shiller Interview Clip from Powerline Films on Vimeo.