Mar 20, 2015

CoopZone is the Network of co-operative developers, and individuals and organizations with interest in co-op development.  It also includes a network of lawyers and related professionals, in the CoopZone Legal Network, and other professional service providers such as accountants all of whom work with co-ops.  It offers a variety of services including webinars and a distance training program on co-op development.  It is based in Canada but is open to participation by people in other parts of the world.  

A tele-learning session at the end of the month, open to all CoopZone members as well as others with interest: Tuesday, March 31st, for up to 45 minutes (start time is variable depending on whether in EN or FR):  What is CoopZone & How Can it be Useful to You?

1) EN: The English session will be at 2 pm EDT, March 31st, for up to 45 minutes.  Presenters will be CoopZone past (& founding) board member Lynn Hannley; CEC-NB Executive Director Wendy Keats, & CWCF president Hazel Corcoran.

2) FR: The French session will start at 2:45 pm EDT, March 31st, for up to 45 minutes. Presenters will be CoopZone board member Pascal Billard and Hazel Corcoran.  

In addition (or alternatively), you may read an introduction to CoopZone here:  Further, you can read about CoopZone's Legal Network, here:

If you wish to participate in this session, which is free for members of CoopZone as well as those who may wish to join, please RSVP to, by the evening of Monday, March 30th at the latest.  If you RSVP, you will receive dial-in information by the morning of the session. If it's not received by that morning, please write to again.