The 2014 edition of the International Summit of Co-operatives will begin next week, and the sheer scope of activities, presentations, meetings and social gatherings is really impressive. Creating an itinerary with so much going on is exciting, but it can mean difficult choices depending on your interests. Be sure to look closely at everything on offer and make the most of this unique opportunity.

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada are excited to host you at the Place Canada exhibit in collaboration with our partners, le conseil québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité. If you are a Canadian co-operator drop by and share your story with us and with visitors from around the globe. There will be many other exhibits to enjoy and a unique opportunity to find out about the best and most recent services and products offered in all the cooperative sectors, including banking, finance, retail, health and social care services, housing, agricultural and forestry.

All Exhibitions will be opening on Monday October 6 at 7pm during the opening reception.

Once you have set selected your “can’t miss” events and established a manageable schedule for the week, don’t forget these suggestions from the Summit organizers that will add to your experience:

Networking: There is a collaboration platform to help plan your business networking and meetings. If you have not received login information to this convenient organizer and want to participate, send an email to info@sommetinter.coop for assistance.

If you arrive early, there are Cooperative visits planned for Sunday October 5 that cost $65 and include lunch and transportation. You can register for these at the Convention Centre and departure is at noon from there. The Summit’s Web site lists other cultural activities that will be happening throughout the week and you can register for any of these at the Convention Center’s “Tourist information and Tours” desk.

Take part in the Summit Rendez-vousThe Summit offers workshops, discussion forums, breakfast conferences and so much more! About 50 Rendez-vous events, most free for Summit’s participants, will take place as of Sunday, October 5, including:

Prime-time Opportunities for Sustainable Equity Investors
The revolution in corporate sustainability disclosure has opened up a new era for sustainable investors to achieve impact at scale. It is now possible to create mainstream portfolios that deliver quantifiable social or environmental impact.

International Research Symposium on Cooperatives
Come and share discussions with international researchers whose articles are published in the e-book entitled The Cooperatives’ Power of Innovation: Selected Texts from the International Call for PapersReserve today by visiting the Rendez-vous section of the Summit’s Web site.

Don’t miss At the Vanguard of Canadian Innovation: Compilation of Co-op Case Studies which will be published on October 9. Julie Cafley, Vice President of Canada’s Public Policy Forum, will present a research report on the diversity of recent innovations in Canada based on the following thematic pillars: innovation in business, community development, governance, sustainability and technology.

Bring your laptop, tablet or phone: wireless internet is freely available at the Quebec City Convention Centre during the event. There are charging stations available to keep you powered throughout the day. The power of thousands of people sharing the goings on at the Summit can make a meaningful impression around the world, be part of it.

If you are unable to attend the 2014 Summit of Co-operatives, you will be missed and we would like to follow up on ways of making the next Summit more accessible to Canadian Co-operators. If you are observing the event from afar, there will be a constant flow of research, news and updates from the Summit that we hope you will follow on canada.coop and via twitter at @coopscanada or by following the hash tags #coops2020, #coopQC2014, and #FLcoop to follow future leaders!