The CMC Co‐operative of the Year Award honors Canadian co‐operative and/or mutual organizations that have made significant contributions to co‐operatives and/or mutuals in Canada and/or internationally. In any year, the Awards Committee may recommend to the CMC Board of Directors to grant one award for a “large” co-operative of the year and one award for a “small” co-operative of the year.  The Committee differentiates between a large and a small co-operative based on:

  • National/International vs Provincial/Regional
  • The number of members
  • The number of employees
  • Financial information
  • Other factors deemed important by the Committee

The Large Co-operative of the Year prize is given to an organization that is innovative, that has national and international recognition for its impact on the co-operative movement in Canada. This year’s recipient, UNI Financial Co-operation is a very exciting Canadian co-operative that fulfills these criteria and more. Please watch the video!

The Small Co-operative of the Year Award was presented to Winnipeg’s outstanding health care co-operative, Norwest, for their tremendous impact in their community and for the example they set nationally and internationally. Please watch the video!