June 19, Lloydminster & District Co-op celebrate 100 Years!

Apr 1, 2014
 Lloydminster & District Co-op

100 years of co-operation is a significant milestone.

Lloydminster & District Co-op's 100th birthday will be celebrated on June 19 of this year, as we at Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada will be celebrating our very first national congress event. We'll be raising a toast and honouring the heritage of Lloydminster & District Co-op from Moncton, NB.

The dedicated group of people that came together in 1914, knowing they wanted to build something bigger than themselves, embraced the power of the co-operative spirit and provided what was needed in the community.  A century later, Lloydminster Co-op is a growing concern with retail divisions in grocery, pharmacy, petroleum, propane, and agriculture supplies. They set an example and a standard we need to share with the whole country and the world.

Lloydminster is not alone in the club, mind you, but they are joining a rather exclusive group this birthday.

Let's mark the occaison with them on June 19; let's celebrate the legacy they have built together. Let's offer them our heart felt congratulations on that day by posting messages on their facebook page.