Professional development on co-operatives

A number of organizations offer professional development programs that enable everyone to deepen their knowledge of the co-operative movement.

Organizations offering professional development training on co-operatives

Worker Co-op Academy by FCCT

The CWCF Worker Co-op Academy is an online training program that guides start-up groups through the process of developing and launching their worker co-operatives in a supportive cohort, with the help of experienced co-operative developers.


CoopZone’s Co-op Developer Training Program is a unique modular series designed and delivered by a diverse group of experienced co-op developers from across Canada.

BC Co-op Association

The BC Co-op Association provides resources to better understand this business model in British Columbia and to support the province’s co-ops and developers.

Conseil québécois de la coopération et de la mutualité (CQCM)

The CQCM offers training in co-operative management, as well as numerous resources. The CQCM educates young people and people of all ages about co-operatives and mutuals in Quebec.

Alberta Community and Co-operative Association

The Alberta Community and Co-operative Association offers online resources, training, research and more for Alberta co-ops.

Saint-Mary’s University

Saint-Mary’s University has an impressive library of co-op webinars! Visit their website to discover recordings of their webinars and to see what their next topic will be!