Daily Co-operative News, by FullIntel

CMC now provides a Daily News Service that emails selected stories to subscribers each morning. The service collects all relevant co-operative and mutual sector news from English and French sources to provide a broad perspective on what is happening in the Canadian co-operative movement. If this service interests you, please contact Grace Busanga for more information.

CMC also disseminates association news and information to members through our news service. Subscribe here

We respond to media inquires and issue news releases so that when the media needs someone to comment on an issue related to co-ops and mutuals, CMC will be top of mind.  CMC promotes the movement through advocay and events, most importantly by our involvement in Co-op Week.

CMC’s job is to promote, share and communicate on behalf of co-operatives and mutuals in Canada, regardless of language or geographic location.

Social media is a huge source of information about co-operation and the collaborative economy. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as we post and share information.

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