The committee brings together members staff that are working in government relations.  CMC uses this committee to track numerous issues that are affecting co-operatives and mutuals in Canada. 

The committee provides the CMC Board and members with recommendations on public policy positions.

The role of the Committee includes:

  • Consideration of public policy issues raised by member organizations or the CMC. CMC will bring issues to the attention of the Committee who review and determine if a common position can be taken by the co-operative movement.
  • Consideration of the background material on each issue and recommendation of options that fit within the resource capacity of the organization to the CMC Board.
  • Ensuring follow-up is done to communicate positions of the CMC Board to appropriate government officials, organizations, or member organizations. To advocate for these positions.
  • Promoting and advocating on behalf of the co-operative movement.
  • The Committee may recommend that positions be taken to the CMC Annual General Meeting, or may propose AGM resolutions to help define policy.