On April 5, 2017 - MP’s in the House of Commons voted unanimously to support Alexandra Mendès motion M-100 calling on the government to support and promote co-operatives and mutuals in Canada. We are approaching the 7-month anniversary of that date with limited activities by the government to date in response. We are still confident that the strong message sent by the unanimous vote will lead to action that benefits Canadians from coast to coast to coast through co-operative solutions.

However, we are asking you to send a letter that encourages follow through on the intent of Motion M-100 to engage in consultations with the provinces and territories, indigenous communities, and co-operative stakeholders to learn how the government can best support and promote co-operatives. It takes only a few moments to complete.

CMC Members and delegates will be “hiking the Hill” to lobby MPs to support co-operative solutions to the many difficult issues we face both socially and economically in Canada on November 29. Your letter will show support for these important conversations.

Thank you for participating in this important initiative in the lead up to our advocacy day with Parliamentarians!

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