The Dues Formula takes into account the following information: type, number of employees and number of ultimate members (i.e. individuals that are members) of the co-operative.

# of employees
<2,000 2,000-5,000 5,001-15,000 >15,000
Categories of Co-ops Rate per Member (in $)
Insurance Co-ops/Trusts 0.0210 0.0263 0.0289 0.0303
Consumer Co-ops 0.0050 0.0350 0.1000 0.2000
Agricultural Co-ops 0.4500 0.9000 1.1000 1.5000
Producer Co-ops 7.0000 21.0000 42.0000 63.0000
Financial Co-ops 0.0900 *
Sectoral Associations 10.0000      
Provincial Associations $1,250 **
Other (non-voting associate members) $572 **
* or dues as negotiated with the financial co-operatives
** flat rate
A member's dues can't increase by more than 10% from the previous year unless the member merges or amalgamates with another member or entity. 
A member's dues can't be less than its 2015 dues paid to CMC.



Insurance / Trusts

A co-operative or mutual doing business in the field of insurance and trust.


Consumer Co-operative

A co-operative enterprise other than a financial co-operative providing goods and services to its members/ consumers.


Agricultural Co-operative

Co-operatives involved in agricultural activities and related fields relevant to agriculture, and whose members are primarily farmers.


Producer Co-operative

A co-operative enterprise that transforms and markets the output from its member producers. (Can include agricultural co-operatives.)


Financial Co-operative

Co-operatives doing business in the financial services sector as a deposit institution and providing services to its members / consumers.


Sectoral Association

An industry association working primarily to support and defend the interests of its co-operative members, in particular by offering consulting services or training, and networking, without being directly involved in the production or sale of products and services in its sector of activity.


Provincial Association

Provincial organization working to promote the co-operative movement and co-operative enterprises as a whole through promotion, development and education of the co-operative form of business.



Any organization not included in other categories, whose mission or actions are consistent with co-operative principles and values.