Maintaining an accurate portrait of co-ops and mutuals in Canada is crucial. Until CMC began its co-operative impact study, Information on the size, scope, and impact of co-operative businesses in Canada was hard to obtain and often out-of-date.

CMC has established a contact database of all co-operatives and mutuals in the country to begin gathering this information in a timely and seamless way. 

The Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada study on co‑operatives in Canada will:

  1. Create an inventory of active co-operatives, credit unions, caisse populaires and mutuals.
    We will report on the number of types of co-ops in each region.
  2. Provide data which can be used by CMC, and provincial and sectoral co-op organizations.
    We will make a business case to include co-operatives in policy development and funding programs.
  3. Increase the amount of co-operative knowledge available to researchers and academics.
    We will create a knowledge framework that will continue to grow and evolve.

Lack of data on co-operative economic and social impacts makes it difficult for co-ops of all sizes and types to play an active role in the development of economic and social policy -- and to be seen as part of a strong and dynamic co‑operative movement. With your participation, we can do a much better job of telling the story of how co-operatives are sustainable businesses.