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President and Executive Director’s Message
A transitional year for Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC)

This past year has been one of transition and realignment with our strategic plan. Our previous Executive Director, Denyse Guy, decided to retire after having done an excellent job on the merger of the Canadian Co-operative Association and the Conseil de la coopération et de la mutualité du Canada, to establish CMC. She also put in place a strong governance model and practices, launched an internal customer relations management (CRM) database for co-operatives in Canada, and championed, along with co-operators from across Canada, the establishment of the Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund (CCIF).Message du président et du directeur général

In October 2018 we launched a consultation process with CMC’s Board of Directors and members to identify the challenges on the horizon for CMC. These consultations revealed the following three priorities for the organization:

• enrich our member engagement offerings and practices;
• improve our communications strategy;
• enhance our government relations program.

Having clearly heard a call for change, CMC’s team has worked diligently to advance this process, as highlighted in our 2018–2019 annual report. In 2019–2020 we will consult extensively with our national membership to establish a long-term framework for building Canada’s ecosystem of small, mid-sized and large co-operatives. With your help, we can achieve this goal and vision for long-term prosperity in the co-operative business model. Yours in co-operation,

Doug Potentier, President
André Beaudry, Executive Director