Fall is upon us and with it, a multitude of changes are happening here at CMC. We have spent the summer recharging and resetting, gearing up for this wonderful new season. I am excited to share all the different projects we have been working on and the many events we have attended and are hosting.

We marked the beginning of this new season with the announcement of the 2023 Co-op Week schedule as well as its theme “Co-operating on Climate Action.” Following our successful session on climate action during the 2023 Congress, we decided to continue this important discussion and highlight the importance of the fight against climate change through the Co-op Week. It is together, as a movement, that we can find and share reliable solutions to serve our communities and our planet. During this week, CMC will be hosting some special events and an online contest—read our newsletter to find out more or visit our website!

Earlier this month, CMC’s very own Tara Molloy had the honour of participating in the Saskatchewan Co-operative Association’s Treaty Learning Journey: Let’s Talk Truth event, which was facilitated by Elaine Sutherland, Director of Treaty Education at the Office of the Treaty Commissioner. The workshop strove to dispel the prevalent myths about indigenous rights and realities that have long frustrated indigenous and settler relations, and fuelled systemic, judicial, and often violent anti-indigenous racism. These lessons will feed into CMC’s work and bolster its commitment to serving as an active ally in Canada’s journey towards true reconciliation. Tara has passionately shared the information and stories that were shared during the workshop with the team, and we will be keeping them in our minds as we mark Truth and Reconciliation Day this weekend.

Lastly, this past week, key CMC staff attended Global Innovation Co-op Summit, which was held September 27th-29th in Montreal. I was happy to attend this event with several of my colleagues and met many new faces in the co-operative and mutual sector. I was also pleased to meet the United Kingdom co-operative delegation that CMC’s very own Daniel P. Brunette hosted during the days leading up to this event. It was a wonderful event, and I cannot thank the organizers enough for putting together such a success!

With this, I leave you to read this packed edition of our newsletter. This season has just begun, and I am eager to continue on this remarkable path CMC has taken.